Fine Art Prints

by Greg Matchick


About my fine art prints: The prints I produce are of high quality and printed for longetivity. I use pigment inks and a variety of fine art papers to produce my prints (individually selected for the particular image). The papers I use typically have a matte finish which reduces glare and is an advantage for display purposes. The result is a look akin to a painting rather than a photograph (ie. glossy, resin coated papers). When viewing my prints, people are often surprised, to learn that they are photographs and I often receive commments that my prints look more like a painting. This is due not only to the papers and printing methods used but also due to the compositional techniques coupled with the lighting conditions under which I photograph. The combination of all these factors results in the fine art quality of my prints, which are best viewed in person as web viewing can hardly do justice to them. For this reason I invite viewers who are visiting the St. Louis area to stop by one of the galleries or shops that carry my prints locally.


Printing digitally on fine art papers affords an opportunity to enhance the qualities that are most appealing in the image. For example, my series of prints featuring the village of St. Cirq Lapopie in the fog are printed on a very thick and heavily textured art paper made by a German paper company that has been producing papers since 1584. The texture combines with the fog to produce a certain depth and feel to the image. Another paper I use has a subtle velvet texture while fine details and sharpness. I also use watercolor papers as well as others. My prints are signed along the paper border as well as initialed on the image. When sold matted and/or framed, I use thick, archival mats and mounting products which ensure that these prints will be enjoyed for many years to come and I recommend treating these prints in the same manner if they are purchased unmatted. My prints can be produced in a variety of sizes and my galleries contain a link to my price list.


Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have regarding my prints and their availability and I will be happy to respond. Thank you for your interest and do enjoy your visit on my site. Please remember that all images on this site are copyrighted by Greg Matchick and are not to be downloaded or used without my consent.

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