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  • ABOUT GREG: Greg is a fifth generation native of St. Louis, MO. He is a self taught photographer who has developed his creative eye and techniques through years of trial and error. Greg photographs his subjects using available light with a keen eye for composition and lighting. His prints reflect his passion for the outdoors and travel. For over a decade, Greg has been visiting Europe and has produced a large body of work composed of images from Italy, France, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Budapest and Prague. He also enjoys photographing nature and landscapes with a portfolio that includes the Grand Canyon, the Alps and Yosemite; as well as capturing the beauty of his home state of Missouri. In his images he attempts to capture unique moments in time, writing with light, so to speak.
  • Greg's prints have been displayed around St. Louis in various venues, from art fairs to juried exhibitions; his work and articles having been published in national magazines as well as being used for a book cover. His prints have only been made available for public purchase since 2003 and are in now in private collections across the United States from coast to coast. Greg has been a member of art and camera clubs for a number of years and is currently a resident artist at the Green Door Art Gallery in Webster Groves, MO and Missouri Artists on Main in St. Charles, MO.

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  • ARTIST'S STATEMENT:  Every photographer's image is unique. Although we may photograph the same subject, the moment in time is unique. Some lighting situations may never occur again in a photographer's lifetime or if a similar situation does occur, it may happen after so many years have past that the surroundings and environment has changed. The result for outdoor phottographers can be dramatic. An example most people can relate to is the New York City skyline which has forever changed since 9/11. In my own portfolio an example exists with the photographs of Johnson's Shut-Ins in southern Missouri. In December 2005, Taum Sauk Reservoir breached and released a billion gallons of water in twelve minutes sending a twenty foot crest of water down the Black River and inundated the river valley. Such a disaster has indeed changed that landscape, making my images truly unique.
  • I am not attempting to make political statements or social commentaries with my photography but rather I desire the viewer to enjoy the beauty of the moment. It is my hope that you find these images pleasing to the eye and perhaps even touch memories of your own travels. Photography has been called "writing with light" based on the roots of the word. We photographers are all writing, but often with different styles as well as subjects. The important thing from the viewer's standpoint is whether you like what you see. Only you can be the judge of that. As the old adage goes "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". Thus what one person views as a beautiful photograph, another may not. Likewise, what moves one person, may do nothing for the next. My images are here for your viewing and I hope you find delight in them. Feel free to contact me and let me know if you enjoy what you see.

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