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Marble Creek *

Pickle Creek in Late Autumn *

Reader Hollow *


Rocky Creek - Mill Mountain

Johnson's Shut-Ins - Landscapes 2011

Johnson's Shut-Ins - Portraits 2011

Elephant Rocks State Park in Color

Life on the Rocks

Boulder Studies I

Boulder Studies II

Hawn State Park

Big Spring

Alley Spring

Hawn State Park

Hickory Canyons

Lick Log Hollow

Taum Sauk Mountain

Johnson's Shut-Ins

Japanese Garden Prints

Old Mills in the Ozarks

Shannon County Missouri

Pickle Creek Prints

Hills and Valleys

Prints of Waterlilies

Streams in Color

Autumn Remnants

Dogwoods in Sepia

Fresh Snow

Sunsets Prints

Color Prints of Trees

Stone and Water

Prints of Reflections

Prints of Rural Scenes

Color Prints Mountains

B&W Prints of Trees

Toned Prints of Trees

B&W Prints Mountains

Streams in B&W


Elephant Rocks State Park - B&W

Stone and Water B&W

Prints of Kenya

Prints of Sedona

Grand Canyon Prints

Yosemite 9 Galleries

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Welcome to the online gallery for my nature and landscape prints. My love of nature and the outdoors was developed at a very young age and a desire to express this passion through the lens has also been many years in the making. Moved by images of the great nature and landscape photographers, it has taken many years of reading, trial and error to develop the skills which have produced the prints shown here.

Although you will find an assortment of images from the more well known places such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and the Smokies you will also see a more intimate side of the beauty that surrounds us no matter where we go. The beauty in my home state of Missouri is found in state and city parks as well as in gardens and along the roadsides. Many of the images in my galleries are unique to the time and place as, most often, I was the only one photographing from these vantage points at the time. You are in fact joining me as I share those moments of peace and solitude.

The challenge of photographing nature is to evoke the feelings experienced and draw the viewer into that moment in time, to feel the beauty and serenity while appreciating the simplicity of colors, tones and textures present. I choose a variety of ways top convey these feelings using both color format as well as black and white; on some subjects I have even chosen to deviate from traditional methods by using soft focus effects. Using a variety of fine art papers, the subtle tones of a scene are enhanced by the subtle texture of the fine art paper it is printed on. Recently, I have begun using a very thick, heavily textured art paper for many prints of scenes with soft light and fog which greatly adds to their beauty and, in so doing, these prints are elevated them to a level beyond being simply photographs. One such example are my prints of the Japanese garden in the snow in which the paper adds texture to the snow. I invite you to take time to enjoy these galleries and feel free to e-mail me with any comments or questions you would like to express.

Best Wishes,

Greg Matchick

All images on this site are copyrighted.

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