Ozark Light - Art Exhibit

by Photographer Greg Matchick


 About the Exhibit:

Ozark Light: These images explore some of the spectacular ways in which light transforms the Missouri Ozarks into an enchanting place of beauty. At the edge of day light enters and retreats from the river valleys creating scenes which are fleeting moments in time. Colors can sometimes become surreal under such conditions and the result can be quite beautiful, as can be seen in these photographs.

About the Images:

Rocky Creek on Mill Mountain - These images were taken as the last light of day retreated from the valley and the shut-ins on Mill Mountain. The golden trees, in their autumn splendor, glow as the last rays of sunlight illuminate them and create beautiful reflections in the pools on Rocky Creek.

Johnsonís Shut Ins - The light which produced these images was truly spectacular. In early morning, as light entered the Black River valley it cut through fog and illuminated the tops of select trees while bathing the opposite hillside in warm colors, reflecting in the river. However, it was the evening light that was purely magical. In these images, the blue tones in the granite are not digitally enhanced. Rather it is the result of careful and long exposures in the shadowed river valley. Normally light gray in tone, these boulders took on the colors of the blue sky which, coupled with careful exposure, produced the blues which contrast so nicely with the warm autumn colors reflecting in the river.

Missouri is truly blessed with a quiet beauty that is at its best in these moments when light and earth embrace at the edge of day. I hope this exhibit helps you as a viewer to appreciate this beauty that is just outside our doorstep.  This exhibit is part of Gateway Gallery's "Peaceful Places" exhibit and will be on display from  November 30 through December 31, 2011 and there will be a reception on Friday December 2,  2011.

Where and When:

Gateway Gallery is at 21 N. Bemiston in downtown Clayton, MO 63105

The exhibit will run from November 30 through December 31, 2011.

An artist Reception is Friday December 2,  2011 from 6 pm to 9 pm.


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