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Welcome to the online gallery for my prints of Europe with links to over 80 galleries of my prints. Over the years, my passion for visiting Europe has not diminished despite even the most adverse of conditions - illness, strikes, travel plans gone awry; from minor travel snags to a trip that could be a sequel to "The Out of Towners". I continue to return to Europe. Why? Perhaps its my multicultural European roots. Or maybe it is the cultural differences that I enjoy. Whatever the reason, I feel quite comfortable in Europe and find great joy in photographing the scenery and culture.

Whether you have been there a for a once in a lifetime trip, a honeymoon, or frequent your "special places" I'm sure you share similar feelings. I invite you to travel with me to those places and relive your feelings. My prints are an attempt to capture the feeling. And if you can share it - all the better. This gallery contains links to indivudal galleries for many places as well as links to some larger galleries such as Italy, France, Poland, Brugge and some others. I invite you to linger and enjoy.

Best Wishes,

Greg Matchick

All images on this site are copyrighted.

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