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Welcome to the online gallery for my prints of Poland. Poland is the hidden gem of Europe. As you can see by the images in this gallery, the diversity of architecture makes it a joy to photograph. The old town squares with their outdoor cafes are bustling with people during the days and at evenings, yet quite deserted in the morning hours. Bold colors and ornate doors adorn the buildings along with fine details that abound. Krakow with its Cloth Hall and Wawel Caslte; the seaport town of Gdansk with its kinship to the Hanseatic League giving hints of Dutch and Flemish influences; and the Teutonic Malbork Castle - Such is the diversity of Poland. For example, I have chosen rather unusual images for the Malbork gallery - the vaulted ceilings, several being rather abstract in nature showing a play on shadow and light.

For the uninitiated, Poland is indeed full of surprises. But what pleasant surprises they are. It is my intent to have captured thhe essence of Poland's cities in these galleries. For those who have been, perhaps it will recall meories of good food and pleasant journies. To those who say- "Poland? What's in Poland?" I invite you to take a peek and perhaps you will see the beauty of this European gem. Enjoy!

Best Wishes,

Greg Matchick

All images on this site are copyrighted.

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