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Welcome to the online gallery for my prints of Venice. Venezia, ah the city of romance. Images of lovers strolling alongside canals and holdiing hands or in red-velvet-seated gondolas gliding through the canals. Yes such is Venice. But it is also a photographer's paradise!

I have tried to capture that romance and timeless beauty in my prints. It is hard to capture a new viewpoint without being cliche, yet each moment is unique in time. For example, the print on this page, "Reflection In a Puddle". It was a scene passed by many in their daily business early in the morning but did not escape my notice. I have also included a gallery of candid black and white photographs of people interacting with the pigeons in Piazza San Marco which captures the essence of the human connection to Venice. My prints of Venice are quite popular and I hope you will enjoy viewing them on this site.

Best Wishes,

Greg Matchick

All images on this site are copyrighted.

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