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Welcome to the online gallery for my prints of Yosemite Park. What other place so aptly epitomizes nature and landscape photography. The iconic images of Yosemite Valley, Half Dome and El Capitan are emblazoned in the minds of photographers. I was finally able to visit this legendary park in October 2006. How does one begin to photograph a place that has been photographed over and over again for decades? With only three days to visit the park I only scratched the surface. But within those days I was able to capture some of its grand beauty as well as some intimate scenes.

For example, on one of the evenings clouds filled the valley and I decided to leave the crowds photographing the dull and mundane views of the valley and drove up to Glacier Point. Upon my arrival Half Dome was veiled in clouds and it appeared that I had made the long drive for naught. Suddenly clouds began to roll through the valley below, gradually revealing the surrounding domes below. I then became witness to a most spectacular sunset on Half Dome - Streaks of light burst through the clouds and the face of the mountain began to glow. It appeared as though fires were erupting on the mountain! My long drive paid off after all. A sample of these images is found in the Glacier Point gallery link.

Yes the time spent was far too short and perhaps someday I may be able to return. Until then I will attempt to satisy you with these nine galleries. I hope you will enjoy them.

Best Wishes,

Greg Matchick

All images on this site are copyrighted.

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